Friday, 21 June 2013


We are learning to recount events that happened in the past.
We know we can do this when we can:
·    Follow the Writing Process
·    Have a title
·    Write: an orientation telling when, who, what and where the event happened, a sequence of events and a personal comment to conclude the recount
·    Use the past tense
·    Use a lot of different descriptive words to make our recount more interesting
·    Start my sentences in different ways

Noah said, "Last year on the snowy day, Mum and I went out in the backyard. My story is about that.  Recounts have four parts - a title, orientation, sequence of events and a personal response.   Ms B bought some ice in and we felt it and we wrote some words like The ice is as cold as  Antarctica. That's called a simile.  We learnt to do onomatopoeia.  We learnt to start our story with a question or onomatopoeia to make it hook the reader."

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