Saturday, 29 June 2013

Self Portraits

We are learning to draw self-portraits in the style of Matisse.
We will know we can do this when we can:
Use bold colours and patterns in a background
Draw a black line around the outside of self-portrait to emphasise colour
Include all facial features
Draw and correctly place all facial features
Begin to show other facial features such as eyelashes and earrings

Noah said, "We studied how to do the background, nose, ears and mouth in a portrait.  We learnt about Matisse.  He was a real famous painter and he got sick and he learnt to paint in hospital.  Sometimes he used dark colours for not happy and bright colours for happy.  He used patterned backgrounds.  In my picture I used yellow and dark blue in the background and I did black around the edges.  Next time I will try to make my face a bit smaller and make my face wider.

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